Our Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

goat lady

Sundance LB Valor
2015 ADGA Registered LA Score 87 VEV

AGS Cider Springs NA Act of Valor  x  Camanna HIH Ambrosia Delight

valor 2019
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor
Sundance LB Valor

"Valor" he is such a majestic and masculine goat there is no doubt when people come by that he is a Buck. His confirmation is excellent & he is out of our favorite Doe. We generally retain most of his kids.  The majority of the goats in his pedigree are either *B bucks, grand champion  does or have a linear appraisal score of 88 or higher.

Sundance LB Speed Bump Too
2015 ADGA Registered LA Score 86 VVV

Cider Springs Whiskers  x  Camanna LB Sister Sol BP

speed bump 2019 1
speed bump 2019
speed bump 2 2019
speed bump 1 2019

"Speed Bump" his personality is top notch which is why he gets to keep his horn and be apart of our breeding program as temperament is one of our top priorities.

MT Rivendells BJ Mackenzie
2020 ADGA Chocolate Cou Blanc

MT Rivendells AV Benjen  x  Little Mesa MC Camille Bloch


benjen N denver buck

"Bobby" is a beautiful buck but with the covid19 shutdowns we are having to reduce our numbers. So he is offered for sale at $350.00.

MT Rivendells AV Rickon
2019 ADGA Registered Chocolate Swiss

Sand Stone Ridge The Aviator *B  x  Little Mesa MC Camille Bloch

ricky 5 2019
ricky march 2020
ricky 6 2019
ricky 2019
ricky 1 2019
ricky 3 2019
ricky 4 2019
ricky 2 2019

"Ricky" a newly acquired boy and is winning us over with his charm and beautiful looks.

SOLD! MT Rivendells AV IndoGoat
2018 ADGA Registered Chocolate Cou Clair

Sand Stone The Aviator *B  x  Rockstar Ranch Caoimhe

indo 1 2019
indo 2019
indo 6 2019
indo 5 2019
indo 4 2019
indo 3 2019
indo 2 2019

SOLD! - But we have retained a few daughters of his.

"Indo" We fell in love with his boys sire so much that we had to purchase several of his babies including this

Chocolate Cou Clair buck.  We acquired him shortly after the release of the movie Jurassic World 2 and so he was named after the Indo Raptor because he was just as cool as the Indo Raptor.  His sire is extremely well bred with all goats being *B bucks or Grand Champion & Supreme Grand Champions with a minimum linear appraisal score of 84.


MT Rivendells Henri-Christian
2020 ADGA Chamoisee

+*B Sycamore SS Rambo  x  MT Rivendells Gilly Flower

gilly 2020 buckling by rambo

"Enri" This boy was too nice to pass up! and with his name having "Henri" in it I couldn't pass up calling him "Enri" after the song my dad loved to listen too on our road trips called "Henri The Eighth I am" by the Herman's Hermits.

MT Rivendells SB Hank Williams
2018 ADGA Registered LA Score 81 +++  Cou Blanc

Cabin Creek Minis Sir Bruno  x  AGS Crazy Acres LKR Mitzi

hank 3 2019
hank 2 2019
hank 2019


"Hank" He is our first Cou Blanc and is sired by another favorite of ours at MT Rivendell Farm.  This boy has looks galore & personality plus which are both just as equally important to our farm.  His bloodlines consist of AGS breeding & Old Mountain Farm making him a double registered goat.

CU At The Lil Red Barn BN Wee Ian
2019 ADGA Registered



"Zucko" more info coming soon!.

MT Rivendells AV River Dancer
2018 ADGA Registered Cou Clair

Sandstone Ridge The Aviator *B  x  Sweet Syringa's LL Jazzy Java

river 2020 5
river 2019

"River" is another son of Sandstone Ridge The Aviator who is one of our all time favorite bucks so naturally we couldn't pass up the opportunity to own this boy.  His sire has a super impressive background of all *B bucks and many Supreme Grand Champion does.  His dam side is almost as impressive with many *B bucks and champion does.

rhae 2020
rae 1 2019
rhae 2020 1
rae 2019
rae 2 2019

MT Rivendells QQ Rhaegal
2019 ADGA Registered Buckskin

CH Old Mountain Farm Quentinquinn  x  CUAT Lil Red Barn Cloudy

"Rae" when this boy came up for sale we could not resist adding him to our program.

Graceridge Pleiades *B
2016 ADGA

Castle Rock Sunset *B  x  AGS Trinity Ridge RT Sassafras 1*M

pleaides 3
pleaides 2
pleaides 1


"Andy" is an amazing buck and has an excellent temperament.  He is offered for sale as we are having to reduce our numbers due to the covid19 shutdowns. $650.00

Pistol Packin Smoke and Fire
2017 ADGA Registered Gold, Moonspotted

Hinote BB Nashville  x  Montana Lil Bit's Kisses


"Smokey" more info coming soon!

*B MT Rivendells Have A Nice Day
2020 ADGA Registered

+*B Sycamore SS Rambo  x  2*M CU At Lil Red Barn Ding Dong

dingdong 2020 buck by rambo1
dingdong 2020 buck by rambo
Sire to buck

"Smiley" Another must have addition that we needed.  His barn name is due to his smiley face on his belly.


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