Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have dived into these Nigerian Dwarf Goats & are loving them. I have bought them all from my favorite goat breeders Rivendell Farm, LongBarn Pharm & Sundance LB Stockfarm. Originally we started with a couple of mixed breeds of goats and were not as attached to them.  Then we acquired Cream with her little baby at side from LongBarn Pharm. Cream is 1/2 nigerian, 1/2 Boer with her baby being 3/4 Boer. Cream completely won us over so we then searched out Rivendell Farms as I've seen her goats many many times on my trips to her place for Miniature Horse visits and we found Penny & her buddy Pearl and so that started our Goat herd.

Our breeding program is geared towards striving to produce goats with pocket pet personalities without sacrificing conformation and adding some colorful pizzaz to them.  So far we are 100% pleased with our combinations.

8x10 FIN 700.jpg

I "Jessica" am always being asked "why goats? I thought you loved horses?" well let me tell you that I still LOVE horses and thoroughly enjoy them.  However, owning my own personal horses gets to be super expensive even with miniature horses also I have major allergies to horses, dogs and cats so I wanted a new hobby that I can love on a little bit more without having to take so many allergy medicines to enjoy.  I have posted a picture of my face with Ponies VS with Goats and as you can see I LOVE both there just is a different kind of love with the Goats and I'm sure anyone else who acquires one of our goats will have a similar experience.